Omnichannel Transforming Customer Experience

How to Transform Customer Experience by Omnichannel Contact Center?


11 January 2024

With an ever-increasing surge in customers’ demand to interact on different channels, companies tend to focus on rapid expansion into new channels of communication. In most of the cases, this expansion leads to chaos without proper planning, integration or strategy. Companies end up delivering multiple channels in silos where each channel has a different approach, instead of creating a fully integrated omnichannel customer experience strategy.

Having an awesome and seamless customer experience is the key to improving your business. When customers have access to your company through multi-channels, it becomes essential not only to provide the best customer experience possible, but also to deliver the same excellence across all platforms and channels in a seamless way to make the customer experience cohesive.


  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Create a Transformative Customer Journey

Omnichannel Customer Experience:

Technology and marketing have evolved to bring a change in the customers’ interaction today. The disjointed multi-channel experience is now being replaced by an omnichannel customer experience.

An example of this change was experienced by me when I wanted a home loan and searched with different banks to find out where I would get a loan at minimum interest with all other benefits. The various changes which I witnessed in the process of getting loans were as follows.

Before Now

I went to a bank site to get information about home loan

I went to a bank site to get information about home loan

With only minimal information available, I was forced to make a call to a toll-free number to get further details

Before even reaching the concerned page on the website, a Chatbot opened up for help

I had  to explain my entire requirement of mine  before  the executive could even give me some basic information and then he asked me to visit the bank

To get some detailed information after the basic info, the Chatbot transferred the chat to an expert. I was able to get all the information from the chat agent. The chat executive took my contact details to follow up if my problem still does not  get resolved

When I called the call got  dropped and I had to call again to talk to another Customer executive and explain the entire story again

I was able to call, email, chat and have the conversation with the same agent with any mode of communication where the agent was aware of all my past interaction

I had to visit the bank to fill out the form and submit

A co-browsing functionality in the banks' website helped me to share my laptop browser screen with the agent so that he could help me to fill the form online

The omnichannel customer experience technology platform has made the customer experience more dynamic and connected than ever before. Interactions with brands are no longer as isolated and discrete as were a decade ago. The integrated support interactions which I experienced to get a home loan made my experience exhilarating and immensely satisfying as a customer. We can see how some companies have gained enormously by adopting omnichannel contact centers.


Create a Transformative Customer Journey:

To make the most of the value and efficiency of multiple connection points in this hyper-connected world, a business needs to provide an omnichannel customer experience—a consistent experience that spans across platforms and screens. The channels must anticipate what the customer wants; to give him a contextual real-time information. For eg. When a customer calls your help desk, your agents should know what the customer has been searching for about you online.

This smart, proactive, and engaging technology not only improves the first call resolution time but also decreases the service time for customers. 

C-Zentrix omnichannel can boost productivity as well as reduce the operating cost of your customer service team and enhance the overall customer experience index.


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