Migration To Cloud Contact Center

Guide For An Easy Migration To Cloud Contact Center

Sweta Chakraborty

21 February 2024

Cloud Contact Center Solutions are here to stay. We realized its importance during the covid-19 pandemic when we all faced some complications in our workspace. Cloud Contact Center Solution evolved a lot over the last few years. It has become a flexible solution that gives your business complete control and flexibility to choose how you want to implement it and grow.


When migrating to a cloud Contact Center Solution, there are different questions that will come to one’s mind. Moving away from the traditional is always a risk. So it is imperative we ask the right questions and understand how to leverage this modern solution to the best of our interests. Some questions can be:


Why do you need Cloud Contact Center Solutions?

How Secure Is The Cloud Contact Center Solution?

How Does It Help You With Compliance Regulations And SLA?

How Does This Provider Assist Your Organization?

Why do you need Cloud Contact Center Solutions?

Well, the pandemic gave us a lot of reasons to shift to a cloud contact center solution. It makes you go remote, reduce costs and also implement a pay-as-you-grow module, which reserves your resources. It’s all good points. But operation-wise, why do you need Contact Center Software? Which applications will benefit your team better if they were easy to use and quickly updated? Does your team need a better ACD? Will it help manage and train better with a call barging facility? These questions are important cause you need a flexible package where your provider allows you to customize and configure your needs as you renew your services with them. For example, C-Zentrix offers its clients the complete benefit to customize their package and decide what they need to sustain their business. This is to respect the fact that every business has unique needs. Cloud contact centers enable remote access, with 78% of companies benefiting from global operations.

Once you understand why you need Cloud Contact Center Solution, you can decide what levels of flexibility or management do you require to control your solutions. This is where you identify your deployment model. There are three deployment models involved in cloud infrastructure:-

Software as a Service (SaaS) - e.g. contact center solutions, CRM, ACD, IVRLMS, etc.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - e.g. Google Cloud Solutions, AWS, etc.

Platform as a Service (PasS) - e.g. SMS, Mobile APIs, Video Streaming, etc.

From the point of customer support, SaaS seems to be the way to go. That is why it's called CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). It will have all your services required to run a contact center successfully such as IVR, Chatbots, Omnichannel Contact Center, CRM, WFM tools, and more. Every provider will have different customizations and you can choose as per your needs.

How Secure Is The Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Contact Center Software deal with a lot of sensitive data. Hence, it is important to know where is your data located and how secure it is to different leakages and attacks. It is important that your provider allows you to migrate your data as per your needs. It should not be contractually locked preventing you to be in control of your information. If anything goes wrong, you stake your own reputation and resources. A wiser option is to enquire beforehand and learn about the practices. Different providers have different security policies and certificates which help you gauge how secure they are from external attacks. It is also important to learn how your company will be compensated or assisted if any unfortunate incidents occur such as loss of data or cyber-attacks. In such scenarios, legal forces get involved and things get tougher for all the parties involved. Asking the right questions and having complete transparency from the beginning is essential when choosing cloud contact center solutions.

How Does It Help You With Compliance Regulations And SLA?

Different countries have different data privacy laws when it comes to managing sensitive data. Medical institutions, financial enterprises, educational organizations, and more, all are bound by government policies to a certain extent when managing citizens’ data. Your cloud provider should inform you on what level of access anybody has to this data, what levels of confidentiality they follow, in which country is the data storage located, and more. This information is an essential part of your protocol which will prevent you from any legal hassle in the future. SLA and uptime are critical to business. It is very important to have your expectations aligned with the provider so that your business continuity is least impacted.

How Does This Provider Assist Your Organization?

Cloud deployment can be confusing for someone who is going for it for the first time. To make sure that your transition is smooth and that nothing is lost in the change, ask your provider, how will they assist you better. What levels of personal assistance will they offer? This is more to do with their quality of service than benefits. Your vendor must assure complete accountability in case of outages, data loss, or any security breaches. They must assist your team in the complete onboarding.


It is exciting to move to Call Center Software. It is always better to choose a flexible, scalable solution. Nevertheless, the cloud can assist companies of all sizes to start from scratch and grow at their own pace. There are no complications like paying for things that you don’t need. However, choose the right provider, whose offerings align with your individual business needs. Choose a provider who is flexible and accountable. In fact, to know more about cloud contact center solutions, contact an expert at C-Zentrix.


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