Six Important Reasons For Video Chat In Contact Centers

  • Sweta Chakraborty
  • 05 April 2023

Video Call Center Software India

Organizations have adopted multiple channels over the year to communicate with their consumers. However, in recent times, the winning edge can be granted only to video chat. Video chat as a part of Contact Center Solution is a relatively new adaptation in the customer service ecosystem, yet it has the potential to bridge the gap between an organization and its audience.

According to a new survey, one-fourth of millennials utilize video chat on a daily basis. Video chat  efficiency and adaptability have been recognized and are envisioned to pervade every sphere of commercial activities. It is safe to bet to consider that  Best Video Live Chat Software  the feature will become mainstream in the coming two-three years, especially for every B2C relationships.

Video Chat's  the impact has been noticed more in certain industries than the rest. These industries rely on their extensive B2C relationships; thus, innovative methods of interaction are a must to sustain the business. These industries vary from healthcare to education to retail to banking and even recruitment firms.    

Benefits of Video Chat for Contact Centers:

Witnessing this surge in the need for video chat, I have decided to bring forward a few benefits that it can bring to contact centers.

1. Personalized Attention

2. Faster First Call Resolution

3. Opportunity to Support Differently Abled Customers

4. Record For Improvement

5. Brand Marketing

6. Cost Reduction

1. Personalized Attention:

To fabricate a long-lasting relationship with a customer, adding a personalized touch is imperative. Video Chat Software makes this process much easier. With just a click, your agents can provide undivided attention that your customers deserve. Encourage face-to-face virtual conversations to understand what exactly your customer needs and provide better solutions.

With  Omnichannel Contact Center Software integration, access the customer's journey while interacting with the customer. Improvise at the moment to appear more empathetic and increase your chances of customer retention. One of the most popular brands - IKEA has adapted the video chat facility to guide their customers with their products. It is innovations like this that lead a brand closer to its customers, gaining their trust, and building a constant stream of revenue.

2. Faster First Call Resolution:

Customer Support Video Chat Solution ensures a quicker identification of problems than any other support channel. Customers often tirelessly frustrate themselves while explaining the problems they face with your product. Meanwhile, the agent loses essential time while wracking his brain to identify the problem. With the video chat feature, customers can use either their phone camera or their webcam to showcase the issue, and the agent can quickly offer real-time support.

Best Video Chat Software feature also comes with a co-browsing option and on-call navigation. They help the agent to be more precise, while your customer stays amazed at the extend of your service. 90% of people find it easier to get their point across when they are seen, video chat statistics confirm

3. Opportunity to Support Differently Abled Customers:

One of the most extraordinary abilities of video chat is that it can handhold any customer from anywhere. While most digital channels require the customer to type in a specific language, however, not everyone is comfortable doing so. Video chat  for customer service is a massive win for all customers, who often struggle to use keypads and type. It becomes difficult for some to express what they are thinking.

Video Chat Support Solution can be initiated with just one-tap and is complimented with a live-chat option. Differently-abled customers or aged customers can utilize this feature to its full potential according to their convenience.

4. Record For Improvement:

One cannot improve what one cannot measure. Keeping this principle in mind, recording Video Chat Software for training purposes is extremely easy. The transparency that video calls offer allows customer retention teams to understand and improvise their engagement strategies.

Studies have shown that video engagement is more impactful than written content. Hence, QAs must encourage their agents to record every interaction, obviously with the customer's consent. Understanding the facial tones, voice modulations, and progressing expressions of the agents, along with the customer's reactions, is essential information. These recordings are treasured for on-boarding the sales team and customer service teams, helping them humanize every call.

5. Brand Marketing:

Whenever a Video Live Chat Support is going on, the customer is going to get a glimpse into your organization's atmosphere. Customer support teams need to utilize this opportunity to their marketing advantage.

Your agents who are handling the Video Chat Channels must wear shirts with the brand's logo printed on it. The background should be less chaotic and well-lit, so the conversation is clear and impressive.

Furthermore, the brand's logo must be visible in the surroundings to ensure credibility. Optimize a comfortable environment, so the customer feels relaxed in the hands of your organization. If the conversation is seamless and less anxious, the customer is bound to suggest your services to their friends and families. Remember, presentation is the key here!

6. Cost Reduction:

Cost reduction is an ultimate motive for every business but not at the cost of lousy service, which might increase your churn rate.Video Chat for Contact Center brings out the perfect balance between cost reduction and top-class functionality.

Save on your travel costs, as agents no longer need to visit the customer except for miscellaneous cases. Whatever is expected from in-person interactions, can be offered on the video chat. Agents can hand-hold the customers towards completing a transaction, product demonstrations, product servicing, billing issues, and more.

Video chat in contact centers has the potential of widening your horizons without increasing your costs on menial activities.


As discussed above, it is more apparent how much video chat  features can contribute to the Call Center Software India. Video chat deployment is still at its infancy. Adapting it sooner before it reaches its universal saturation, businesses can attain a competitive advantage over their potential competitors.

The need for a video chat feature is now more than ever. With the ever-improving network bandwidth and pervasiveness of mobile devices, this is the right moment. The competition is going up at a speeding rate, and businesses cannot afford to lose customers. Even if you are not losing customers, how often are you retaining it? These are the questions organizations need to ask themselves regularly to keep up with this audacious growing environment of customer service.

We at C-Zentrix offer a variety of Omnichannel Call Center Solutions, which include Video Chat as a prime feature. Feel free to visit the shop page and learn more about our curated services.


Author Bio:  Sweta is a passionate technical writer with an experience in digital marketing. Outside work, she is a devoted Esports advocate.

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