Secrets About Cloud Telephony: Only A Handful Of the People Know

  • Akanksha
  • 08 July 2022

cloud telephony

But what is it that the service offers, which has made it a necessary part of every growing business? Above all, what exactly does the meaning of Cloud Telephony entails?

Let us get you the answers of everything about and around Cloud Telephony, the flourishing cloud-based contact center solution, here.

  • What is Cloud Telephony?
  • What are the Components of Cloud Telephony?
  • Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Your Business 
  • Conclusion


What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony is a solution that hosts a business phone system in the cloud. Cloud telephony is designed to boost sales and improve customer service. Cloud Telephony through its messaging and voice service replaces the must-have need of conventional systems like EPBAX, PBX, etc.

Through Cloud Telephony, every single call that a business receives gets routed via Cloud Servers in addition to several other premium features such as Call Recording and IVR, without the need of making any additional investment inexpensive equipment.

With the definition of Cloud Telephony now attended to, let us take a look at the components that all come together to make businesses all the more efficient before we move to the ways these elements together make the customer interaction process efficient and streamlined.

Global Cloud Telephony Service Market to Reach $40 Billion by 2027 by research & markets


What are the Components of Cloud Telephony?

1. Phone Number that will be published:

  • It can either be a toll-free number, toll number, or a mobile number
  • The virtual number will be used for forwarding the calls to a PRI line in the data center
  • You can even have a PRI number through cloud setup

2. Servers with a number of PRI lines:

  • These on-cloud servers would be capable of IVR reporting, call recordings, APIs, and a number of other features.
  • It would be hosted on a reliable data center having redundant connectivity and great infrastructure.
  • Calls made to the published number would be forwarded on PRI lines.
  • Call distribution will either be done on the basis of some predefined rules or on basis of the caller input coming from IVR.

3. Landing numbers or extensions:

  • Commonly known as agent numbers, these are those numbers where call actually comes.
  • These can either be mobile number or the extension to land-line number of offices.
  • Cloud Telephony service providers like C-Zentrix provide the provision of call hunting, which enables the system to automatically hunt another number or the next available agent if any specific agent is not available at any given point of time.

These are the different elements that become a must-have when we talk about Cloud Telephony and its integration in your customer contact center-specific business process. And now that we have briefed you on what it would entail, let us move on to look at the several benefits that the service would bring in your business process next.


Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Your Business

1. Better Control, Efficiency, and Access:

When you move all your communication process on Cloud Telephony it lets you have a better access and control to both – valuable data and connected devices. Once the business contact info is hosted on the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere, obviously through the secured access. The data too, moves with you everywhere you go, making it impossible to face data loss.

Another factor that works highly in favor of Cloud telephony, unlike your usual on-premise phone system is the fact that a well-devised solution ensures user-friendly structure having a completely consistent look across all platforms.

2. Constant Updation:

When you host your business phone system on the cloud, you leave out all the possibility of the service getting outdated with time. Through a proper hosted solution, all the innovations happening in the technology domain specific to your business gets updated in your specific communication system.

This freedom of not constantly manually updating your business phone system gives you confidence to concentrate on other business process without any constant distraction.

3. High Scalability:

When you invest in a Cloud Telephony phone business system, you no more have to pay extra today for the time when you might need more. The system allows you to buy a solution which is scalable, can be used on expanded environment and other platforms.

All the modern cloud systems are designed to be scalable to meet all the future demand of the organization, as and when the time comes. They allow you to modify users, add auto attendants in system, and add ring groups / campaigns when your business demands.

4. Cost-Efficiency:

Because of the many hosted VoIP solutions present in the industry today, you will no more have to enter a long-term contract or invest in expensive hardware and telephone lines. Through these solutions, you can easily sign-up on the month to month pay plan to keep all your cost structures highly manageable.

All the usual Cloud telephony solutions and products are a lot less costly than your usual on-premise phone business system, especially when we talk about the long term deal. Also, since there is zero hardware to manage except the desk phone wherever required, you can finally bid adieu to the costly technical contractors’ visits.



Cost, Convenience and Scaling are the key benefits of Cloud telephony.

Now that we have looked at the different benefits that Cloud Telephony has to offer and have taken a peek inside the concept and what entails the definition plus the foundation of how Cloud Telephony works, there is one thing left to do – migration of your business telephone system on Cloud.


Let us help you with that.

C –Zentrix’s team of Cloud experts have helped several companies around the globe with every single one of their Cloud needs. With more than 10 years of concentrated cloud experience under our belt, we can help you make your business scale with our Cloud Telephony customer experience solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Fill in the Contact us form and let our Cloud Telephony team experts get in touch with you.


Author Bio:  Akanksha is an IT enthusiast, having an experience of 7 years in marketing and promotion. She has experience in varied industries, in positions working across the line of marketing. She is a day dreamer, an avid reader and a crazy traveler when she is not working.

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