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Useful Impact Of A Ticketing System On Contact Centers


31 January 2023

Ticketing system is a solution that is used to track and manage customer service requests or "tickets" in a contact center. These requests can come in through various channels, such as phone, email, chat, or even web form, and are typically assigned a unique identification number, or "ticket number," which can be used to track the status of the request and any associated communications. A ticketing system is also referred to as a case management system or Helpdesk CRM.

A ticketing system can improve a business in a contact center by providing a centralized and organized way to manage customer service requests. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center by allowing customer service representatives to quickly and easily find and respond to customer requests, and by providing managers with the ability to track and analyze the volume and nature of customer service requests over time. Additionally, a ticketing system can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with a clear and easy way to submit requests and track the status of their requests.


1. How can a ticketing system improve a contact center business?

2. What are the versatile features of a ticketing system?

3. How does the CZ Helpdesk improve your contact center business?

4. Features of CZ Helpdesk CRM


How can a ticketing system improve a contact center business?

1. Better Organization: A ticketing system allows you to organize and categorize customer inquiries, allowing your team to quickly identify and resolve customer issues.

2. Improved Response Times: The ticketing system helps you respond to customer inquiries promptly, improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.

3. Increased Team Productivity: By using a ticketing system, your team can handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously, leading to increased productivity and a more efficient workflow.

4. Better Customer Experience: A ticketing system enables your team to provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Escalation management: Each ticket is assigned priority and the TAT can be configured. When the ticket resolution breaches the TAT, the ticket can be escalated as per the escalation rule to the next level.

6. Increased Transparency: The ticketing system provides a centralized repository for all customer inquiries and allows you to track the progress of each request.

7. Improved Collaboration: The ticketing system allows you to collaborate with your team and other departments in real time, improving the speed and accuracy of customer inquiries.

8. Better Data Management: The ticketing system enables you to collect and store customer data, allowing you to analyze customer behavior and improve your service.\

9. Increased Scalability: A ticketing system enables you to easily manage customer inquiries, regardless of volume, improving the scalability of your business.


What are the versatile features of a ticketing system?

Customizable: A good ticketing system should be customizable to meet the needs of the organization. This includes the ability to modify fields, design custom forms, and configure different workflows for different departments or teams.

Automated Workflows: A ticketing system should automate the processes of creating, assigning, and resolving tickets, which streamlines the overall process and eliminates manual steps that can slow down the process.

Omni-channel Support: A ticketing system should provide multiple channels for customers to submit tickets, such as email, web, phone, and social media.

Reporting and Analytics: A ticketing system should provide detailed reporting and analytics to help organizations better understand their support operations and identify areas for improvement.

Integration with Other Tools: A ticketing system should integrate with other tools such as CRM systems, helpdesk software, and project management tools, to provide a unified view of customer support operations.

Splitting of Tickets: The primary ticket may be required to be split so that it is attended by different departments. Once the split tickets are completed, they can be merged and a unified report can be provided to the client.

Mobile Accessibility: A ticketing system should be accessible from mobile devices, allowing support teams to respond to tickets while on the go.

User-Friendly Interface: A ticketing system should have an intuitive, user-friendly interface to make it easy for support teams to use and manage tickets.

Data Security: A ticketing system should provide secure data storage and access controls to ensure that customer information is protected.

Customer Self-Service: A ticketing system should provide customers with the ability to submit, track, and manage their tickets, which reduces the burden on support teams and improves customer satisfaction.


How does the CZ Helpdesk improve your contact center business?

With the help of CZ Helpdesk CRM, customers can contact the company's central help desk by voice call, email, SMS, social media, chat, or bot. For the customer's future reference, the system creates an automated ticket number or docket number. This enables the business to proactively monitor all inquiries and client concerns, ensuring that none of them go ignored. Agents can resolve issues more quickly and provide a better customer experience with a context-based CZ Helpdesk.

Both on-premises installation and cloud access are available for CZ Helpdesk. No additional applications need to be installed on the agent device as the entire solution is a web browser based. It is also simple to connect IVR, Email, SMS, Chat, and Social Media to the ticketing system. CZ Helpdesk offers common APIs to connect to many communication channels to the ticketing system for notifications and updates.

Integrating a ticketing system in a contact center has several benefits that make the customer service process smoother and more efficient. Firstly, it helps in organizing and prioritizing customer requests, as all requests are assigned a unique ticket number and are tracked until resolution. This ensures that no customer request is missed and each request is attended to promptly. The cost of manually handling a help desk ticket is $22. By automating the process, 22% of total service desk tickets were resolved at practically no cost.

Additionally, a ticketing system allows for better communication between customer service agents and customers, as all updates on the request are recorded and can be easily accessed by both parties. Furthermore, the use of a ticketing system leads to a reduction in response time as agents can quickly retrieve and update customer requests, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The data collected through the ticketing system also provides valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, which can be used to improve and enhance the customer service process. Overall, the integration of a ticketing system in a contact center leads to increased productivity, improved customer experience, and better customer satisfaction.


Features of CZ Helpdesk CRM:

- Omnichannel support (e.g., email, phone, web, etc.)

- Automated ticket routing and prioritization

- Knowledge base and FAQ management

- Gives a real-time update on each ticket's status and TAT for closure.

- Customizable SLA management

- Split and merge tickets

- Detailed reporting and analytics

- Integration with other systems (e.g., chat, voice, and social)

- User management and role-based access control

- Collaboration tools for teams.



A ticketing system helps businesses to efficiently manage and track customer inquiries, complaints, and support requests. This can improve the customer experience by ensuring that each inquiry is addressed in a timely and organized manner. A ticketing system can also provide valuable data and insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve business processes and customer satisfaction.

So in conclusion, a ticketing system is the need of the hour for every contact center as it can help improve the efficiency and customer experience, making it an essential investment for businesses looking to stay competitive in today's market. You might be now aware of how C-Zentrix's ticketing system ‘CZ Helpdesk CRM’ helps businesses streamline their customer support process. So to eliminate the risks of manual ticket management, we suggest you connect with us straight away.


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