How drag & drop IVR is beneficial to contact centers

Benefits Of Drag & Drop IVR Builder For A Contact Center


07 February 2023

You can now create your own call flow in minutes and have it operational in hours with a drag-and-drop IVR builder. The days of having to wait months for a developer to write some code for you are long gone. You only need to design your call flow, integrate with API and upload recording or simply send it over TTS.

This article is for you if you're thinking about an IVR solution and are trying to decide between a drag-and-drop IVR builder and a traditional IVR system. This article will list a few reasons why using a drag-and-drop IVR builder could be the best choice for your business.

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group showed that businesses that use drag-and-drop IVR systems experience a 38% increase in customer satisfaction.


1. What is an IVR builder?

2. What is Drag & Drop IVR Builder?

3. What can enhance this personalized experience?

4. How different is a Drag & Drop IVR builder?

5. How is a drag & drop IVR builder beneficial in a contact center?

6. Why switch to an IVR Wizard (C-Zentrix drag & drop IVR builder)?


What is an IVR builder?

You must first be able to create bespoke IVR systems that satisfy all of your requirements if you want the best outcomes from your IVR tool. It's crucial to pick a cloud contact center platform that provides a dynamic IVR builder when searching for such a service. You can select the menu options you require and the paths inbound calls will take using the IVR builder tool. An IVR builder that lets every company design the precise system that will serve their customers best. 


What is Drag & Drop IVR Builder?

Businesses can create and manage their IVR menus using a drag-and-drop IVR builder, which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming professional assistance. For businesses looking to save time and money on their IVR setup, this type of system is typically simple to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Businesses can design menu options and messages that are customized to their particular requirements using a drag-and-drop IVR builder. Using this kind of system also saves businesses the trouble and expense of hiring a specialist to make changes for them. Businesses can easily change the IVR menu options as needed.

Additionally, drag-and-drop IVR builders frequently include a variety of features that can be used to further tailor the system to suit the particular requirements of a business.


What can enhance this personalized experience?

 IVR, which was already a boon to contact centers, has now redefined the meaning of individualized support. A DIY version is known as 'Drag & Drop IVR builder’ or as we call it IVR Wizard.

How different is a Drag & Drop IVR builder?

Just imagine without any assistance from the vendor and managing (building and modifying) your IVR by simple drag & drop.

Now to offer on-demand self-service all you have to do is design or modify it according to your needs. 

Messages, menus, multilingual flows, the reason for their call, and the competence of your contact center can all be configured using a simple interface.

To make any changes to a standard IVR, you require advanced VXML code expertise. Businesses need to contact their System Integrator or hire professional IT staff for even simple adjustments. 

In comparison, a configurable IVR is simple to use and doesn't require any coding knowledge to design. After just a few hours of training, anyone in your company can change the IVR.

Improved FCR, Net Promoter Score, and containment rates are all benefits of this.

A perfect drag-and-drop IVR solution offers organizations countless customization options. It enables your business to address problems as they happen in real-time without incurring high expenditures or technical complexity. From managers to officers, anyone can carry it out without the support of your service vendor.


  Traditional IVR Creation Drag & Drop IVR Builder
User Interface No


Code Knowledge Required Yes No
Dependency Client has to depend on Software Vendor User can create IVR from UI
Business Impact Complete Impact On Business if any error in code No, only impact on the created IVR
API Dependency Backend Code On UI, easy to integrate
IVR Creation Code Write Drag and Drop
Apps Available at Backend Available On UI
Update Client has to depend on Software Vendor Edit from the UI and also manage the Version as well
User Control Client has to depend on Software Vendor User can access the Wizard from his own credential and maintain the IVRs


How is a drag & drop IVR builder beneficial in a contact center?

A drag & drop flow builder enables you to create menus and interaction flows with multiple levels. For this, you can either go for pre-made flows and reusable menus or create a new one with a flow builder that only requires dragging and dropping elements. Even busy business hours can be smoothly handled with its user-friendly interface. 

Now let’s see how this drag & drop IVR builder is beneficial in a contact center.

1. Time Saving & Economical

A drag-and-drop IVR builder saves you both time and money. Normally if you have to change your IVR, you need to specify your requirements to the vendor team. This is part of professional service which can be expensive and time consuming. Once the IVR changes are done the same need to be tested and in case the changes are not properly done the cycle gets repeated.

2. Improves customer satisfaction

IVR is a self-service tool which can furnish the necessary information to the caller and with higher IVR containment rate, the business also benefits. Now, with all things in mind the IVR flow is decided. However, you may find that usually customers drop off from a particular node. With drag and drop IVR builder, one can quickly change the flow or prioritize the node or option where the caller usually selects. So, you can improve customer satisfaction rapidly and at no cost.

3. Call Routing

By routing calls to the right department or people depending on caller input, a drag-and-drop IVR builder can boost your contact center’s efficiency. Also, you can automatically route calls to your agents' cell phones after business hours or leave a voicemail for the caller to let them know that you will get back to them promptly.

4. Customization

A drag-and-drop IVR builder can be tailored to your contact center's unique requirements, offering an exceptional client experience. APIs make it simple to add and integrate new channels, to give your consumers and business a more tailored experience. 

5. Update Messages & Menus 

Anyone can use a drag-and-drop IVR solution to update messages or holiday greetings without the aid of your service provider. C-Zentrix IVR wizard comes with a Holiday app so that multiple greetings can be created and scheduled for a specific day or date range. Also this can be done at the beginning of the year so that you never have to scramble at the last moment to change the greetings!

 6. Outbound Surveys & Campaigns

Your team can use a drag-and-drop IVR builder to create outbound surveys and campaigns to collect feedback on a product or service from customers. Without the help of an agent, the Interactive Voice Response system can ask questions and gather information.


Why switch to an IVR Wizard (C-Zentrix drag & drop IVR builder)?

1. Unlike most Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designers, we provide a comprehensive designer to create simple to complex IVRs.

2. The IVR Wizard provides a very useful app “API” that allows the user to call 3rd party

Restful APIs (GET and POST method) based on the requirements of the IVR flow. This enables businesses to to hook with external data sources for more complex use cases.

3. The Holiday App gives you a lot of leeway in scheduling multiple holiday greetings

ahead of time.

4. This is configured with our call center platform. As a result, the customer can review

the IVR reports, examine the IVR containment rate, and dynamically update the IVR for

the IVR Wizard.



Given the above, it is clear that drag-and-drop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) builder is an excellent choice for providing exceptional customer experiences. This configuration will benefit both your customers and your contact center agents.

To increase the ROI of your business, C-Zentrix’s drag & drop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution may be a great benefit. A drag & drop IVR system leaves a positive impact on your organization by raising customer satisfaction and by lowering costs and time of creating the IVR flows.


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