Visual IVR is Transforming Contact Center Customer Experience

How Visual IVR is Transforming Contact Center Customer Experience?

Reshu Ojha

09 January 2024

Anything that is visual becomes more engaging. This stands true for the customer support tools as well. When the Visual IVR Calling System got introduced, it changed how we interact with IVRs altogether. 

As the world is becoming more mobile-friendly, most content is consumed on our mobile screens. Using the same medium to offer customer service is ideal to suit the needs of the modern customer. The Visual IVR is not limited to self-service solutions but also offers agent support as well. In fact, it is known to have a high containment rate as it is a gateway to many support channels.


  • What is IVR System?
  • What is Visual IVR?
  • How Do Visual IVR Functions?
  • How Visual IVRs are Impacting Contact Center Customer Services?
  • How Visual IVR is Transforming Contact Center Customer Experience?
  • Conclusion


What is IVR System?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response System can be defined as an automated telephony system that can assist the caller with the required information and/or place the caller in the right queue. This system contains pre-recorded greetings followed by various menu options. Here, customers don’t need to talk to any call agent. Instead, they can use menu options through speech recognition or touchtone keypad selection. So, it routes the customer’s call to concerned specialists or departments.

What is Visual IVR?

Visual IVR systems are mobile-based self-service IVR Solutions. Here, the caller is presented with various menu options on the mobile interface. We know how busy the contact center gets at certain times of the day. To ensure that customers are never waiting unattended, they can switch to a Visual IVR. 

It allows them to resolve basic issues like payment, status updates, refund initiation, seeking product information, getting to the FAQs, and whatnot. All these is possible under one platform. The solution is also paired with live chat and chatbot integration for heightened customer convenience. This goes to show how this solution is key to seamless and satisfying customer service.

How Do Visual IVR Functions?

Visual IVR Service is a web application and functions very similar to mobile apps or websites. But the most interesting part is unlike mobile apps, its menu items can be configured quickly and altered as well. Its admin panel provides the flexibility to the business to make real-time changes and also monitor the usage of the deployed software.

Apart from this, Visual IVR comes with the following functionalities:-

How Visual IVRs are Impacting Contact Center Customer Services?

With over 5 billion smartphone users throughout the world and growing continuously, “voice” is a common channel to reach out to the agents' results in a long waiting queue. This leads to dissatisfaction with the caller and extra money burnt-out for the contact centers. The Visual IVR systems deliver such solutions to this continually growing problem by transferring the call or conventional IVR system on the mobile screens. By accessing the solution, a caller can access the intuitive IVR menu options.

Visual IVRs are Impacting Contact Center Customer Services

Here’s how it is impacting contact center customer experiences:-

1. Growing preference for Self-service:

With a fast-growing digital native customer base, self-service is most sought out. While the regular IVR has an element of self-service but it is quite limited. Visual IVR provides self-service of the higher-order and customers prefer to manage their issues on their own. This also reduces the handle times of most agents and frees them up for more pressing customer issues. 

2. Increase Accessibility Hours:

Visual IVR Calling System helps in resolving customer queries round the clock. Plus, it records their responses as well and understands the satisfaction rate. Though customers can manage most of the queries on their own, assisted service (as an alternative) can be also provided. In case the contact center agent is not available, bots can be configured to provide 24x7 support.

3. Saves Time for Agents & Customers:

Visual IVR Solutions is a mobile-based solution that can allow your team to integrate other channels as well. This works as an alternative much like call deflection. The customer can select from an array of options like Live Chat, Video Chat, or Chatbot to get their issues resolved. They can move to social media as well. If your team has a robust omnichannel mentality, then you are all set and ready to go. Expanding your support options puts your brand at the forefront of digital support. 

4. Grants More Credibility to Businesses:

Visual IVR Service offers a higher degree of credibility to businesses among their customers.  Even small-scale businesses invest in visual IVR and provide its customer with the experience of an enterprise-level company. When they offer their customers visual IVR with self-service options, it will provide better credibility.

5. Give a Sense of Security to Customers:

It is worthy to notice that customers don’t do every interaction at their homes. Sometimes, it happens on the go or somewhere outside. In such a case, visual IVR helps them to load their sensitive information over SSL encryption. It provides them with a higher sense of security and enhances your brand’s credibility. Such solutions come through as thoughtful and caring. 

6. Provides a Feedback Option:

Customers’ feedback helps a lot when it comes to improving a business’s product or services. It gives an invaluable insight into customers purchasing preferences. But customers often skip surveys sent on another channel. When customers are asked to give feedback to the agent, most of them skip it. Here, IVR ensures a very honest review by the customers on the same channel of contact making it convenient and quick.

How Visual IVR is Transforming Contact Center Customer Experience?

In this digital age, you can’t leave your customers waiting for long hours to get their queries solved. Visual IVR Service Provider have emerged as a boon for contact centers. It is improving contact center operations. Hence, the customer experience is transforming.

Here’s how Visual IVR is Transforming Contact Center Customer Experiences:-

  1. Bringing self-service to the forefront – Contact centers have been widely known for live agent service. But more customers have a preference for self-service rather than waiting in a queue and visual IVR is able to bring the much-desired self-service.
  2. Visual IVR provides the flexibility to switch from self-service to assisted service and ensure that customer experience is never compromised
  3. Flexibility to modify the IVR experience based on customer feedback


In short, C-Zentrix’s modern visual IVR Calling System can improve CSAT by simplifying self-service calls. It shortens sessions and reduces costs on human resources. And can offer on-demand agent assistance.

Visual IVR is rapidly transforming the digital customer experience. With the interplay of self-service and assisted service, it has the power of mobile apps and the flexibility to make quick changes.


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