Focus On Providing Consistent Customer Experience

Why Is It Important to Provide Consistent Customer Experience?

Sweta Chakraborty

21 February 2024

Every business has a need to ensure that they get rid of tedious practices that can drive customers away. Omni-channel customer experience is rapidly becoming the new normal. In today's internet dominated age, any customer can approach multiple brands and facilities for comparing their top choices in order to get the best deal for their money. Also, a consumer may use different touchpoints to reach out to a brand depending on her preference and priorities. By understanding and implementing changes in the business process, one can provide a consistent customer experience that will help develop good relationships with their customers. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important today.


- Customer buying habits are changing

- Ease of customer journey

- Trust building process

- Marketing is the face value

- Consistent means loyal, loyal means revenue

Customer buying habits are changing

With the increasingly accessible methods of comparison between products and brands that the customers have access to, the old practices of consistently choosing similar products or brands have gone away. Data has shown that customers tend to conduct checks over multiple sources both offline and online before buying it. Multiple places of interest that is available to a customer today makes them less likely to stick to a particular product, service or brand. This could be very worrisome for a business considering the large amount of competition in the market today. Keeping up not only their products and services but the customer interactions they offer can help them stay ahead of the curve. Businesses can aim to thus make provisions to provide a consistent customer experience across all the channels and use technology to improve personalisation. With similar approaches, customers can feel increased satisfaction that encourages them to stay loyal to the company. With Omnichannel platform the same customer rep may be addressing customers across different channels – like chat, call or email. So with proper training it is easier to deliver consistent customer experience to the customer. 

Ease of customer journey 

A customer makes several interaction with a brand related to the same issue or different issues. Pervasiveness of various touchpoints and technologies has made it more easy for customers to interact with brands a way that suits her the best. However, this may create the risk of inconsistency in experience and thus efforts need to be made to constantly update different levels of service in dealing with a customer. It has been observed that brands need to pay careful attention to the holistic experience instead of individual interactions here and there. It’s indicated that it is not enough to deliver a single amazing interaction or even most of the steps. One particular interaction being not so well rated could make the customer feel negative about the entire experience and these experiences are more often than not hard to overcome. 83% of customers would switch brands because of a bad customer service experience. It is similar to walking into any franchise outlets, brands provide the same experience. This consistency is necessary in the digital customer journey as well. 

Trust building process

Trust and a consistent Omnichannel Customer Service are two sides of the same coin. Research has found that brands that gain the most amount of trust are the ones who can offer the most consistent experience not only over channels but also over time. According to multiple statistics, customers are more likely to believe positive information with less amounts of convincing about the companies they trust, like and have heard positively about earlier and are likely to do the exact opposite, i.e. believe negative information more easily about companies they mistrust or have heard not so positively about before. Companies that can do this trust building can gain from good reviews and references shared by loyal customers, that will eventually help attract more customers.

Marketing is the face value

All businesses make certain promises through their marketing communications and the strategies they use to reach out to potential customers. Interactions with the brands made by the customer on accounts of similar promises are a crucial channel into customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty. A company risks great damage to gaining potential new customers, and not only their reputation, if the customer perceives any disconnect between what promises and offers were made by the company and what the experience is delivered to them. When a brand has a well outlined programme or promise and delivers it as expected by the customer, the positive perception generated with customers is very helpful. Thus it is crucial to monitor the nuances in how and what promises are being made. In any case it has always been said that it is better to promise less and deliver more. So, consistency is the common denominator whether it is marketing, sales or customer service that paves the way for a superior customer experience. 

Consistent means loyal, loyal means revenue

Creating a consistent customer experience across various touchpoints may require quick adaptation and thinking along with operational updating of the methods and strategies that the company employs. Data has shown that this is worth the effort since even mild gains in customer experience can certainly drive an observable growth in income across certain sectors. However, it should be considered on the downside, negligence of this aspect could be disastrous as a study found out that in certain regions and markets of the world, nearly half of all the customers stop transacting with a brand after just two negative experiences. Brand name alone is not enough to gain customer loyalty it seems these days, it has to be coupled with excellent, long lasting, satisfying and consistent customer experience across all channels operated by the company. 



Thus, it Cloud Contact Center Solution be said that without maintaining a consistent customer experience, any business greatly endangers its health. However, the benefits of providing consistency in customer experience can hugely benefit the company not just in terms of revenue but also in customer base and legacy building. 


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