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Easy Guide To Prepare Contact Centers For The Holiday Rush


14 November 2023

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but for contact centers, it's also the most demanding. This heightened demand pressures contact centers to maintain excellent customer service, even during peak hours. 

The holiday rush brings a barrage of customer inquiries and requests, and your contact center needs to be as merry and efficient as Santa's workshop to handle it all. 
To ensure your contact center is ready for the holiday rush, you need a combination of strategic planning and advanced technology.


The Unusual Load During Rush Hours

Handling The Holiday Rush

Tips to Prepare Your Customer Service for Seasonal Spikes

Contact Center Software's Role in Increasing Efficiency for Seasonal Spikes


The Unusual Load During Rush Hours

It's no secret that your contact center will experience a surge in activity during the holidays.

According to a Salesforce study, 90% of buyers consider customer experience in retail to be as important as a company’s goods and services and as per statistics, holiday seasons usually spike up customer service queries by up to 75% for online businesses. 

Customers are calling, emailing, chatting, and even sliding into your DMs like never before. To juggle all these interactions with grace, you need a solid plan to optimize your contact center's resources and processes.

Handling The Holiday Rush

Voice and Digital Solutions with IVR Automation

The first step is to manage voice and digital communication efficiently. When it comes to handling the increased customer inquiries and interactions during the holiday season, IVR automation plays a crucial role. 

IVR can expertly handle tasks such as providing store hours, checking order statuses, guiding customers through frequently asked questions, and even assisting with appointment scheduling. By automating these routine queries, IVR frees up your human agents to focus on more complex and critical customer issues, ensuring a seamless customer experience even during peak times. 

For instance, customers seeking basic information like operating hours during holidays or return policies can swiftly find answers through the IVR system, reducing the workload on live agents and improving overall efficiency.

Deal with Variable Workloads and Contract Agents

Variable workloads are a common challenge during the holiday season. Contact centers must be flexible in their approach to staffing and manage variable workloads by providing easy access to on-demand contract agents. 

This allows you to scale your team as needed, ensuring that you can handle the increased volume without compromising service quality.

Leveraging Automation Where Required

Automation is a key element in preparing for seasonal spikes. Chatbots are a prime example of this automation. For instance, during the holiday rush, chatbots have excelled in instantly assisting customers with gift recommendations based on their preferences, handling surges in order tracking inquiries, and even facilitating hassle-free returns and exchanges. 

In scenarios like these, chatbots not only provide quick and accurate responses but also ensure that customer service remains consistently responsive and efficient. 

They shine as a first line of support, handling routine inquiries while seamlessly escalating more complex issues to live agents when necessary.

Other AI-enabled solutions that can create magic are:

Agent Assistant: Provide the agent with the next best response so that the agents can quickly address the client's request and not make them wait or transfer to supervisors.
Live Call Analytics: C-Zentrix Hotword solution can monitor calls in real-time and detect any exceptions as configured by the supervisor. So, if such exceptions arise (like a customer wants to discontinue or is comparing with competitors, etc), the call can be real-time flagged to the supervisor, so that the supervisor can take an action like call whisper/ call coaching or even call barge-in and speak to the customer

Call summarizer and sentiment analysis: While customer expects the brand to know all the conversations they had the agent can't listen to previous calls and decipher the concerns. The call summarizer provides the summary of past calls and also displays the overall summary. This helps the agent or even team leaders review past calls and quickly assist the customer.


Quick Tips to Prepare Your Customer Service for Seasonal Spikes:

1. Forecast Accurately: Use historical data and predictive analytics to forecast call volumes and customer interactions during the holiday season. WFM tools can be used effectively to understand peak loads and plan resource allocation.

2. Training: Ensure your agents are well-trained to handle the unique challenges of the holiday rush. Your agents should be as sharp as a candy cane. Please give them the training they need to shine.

3. Conduct Tests: Perform stress tests on your systems to ensure your systems can handle the weight of holiday demand. You don't want your tech to be a Grinch.

4. New Hires: Consider adding seasonal agents to your roster, make their onboarding a breeze, and easily integrate them into your contact center operations. 

5. Chatbot Integration: Implement chatbots powered by C-Zentrix to provide immediate assistance to customers and reduce agent workload.

6. Call-Back Service: Nobody likes waiting in line even if it is for milk and cookies. Offer a call-back service to make your customers feel like VIPs and enhance their experience

7. Call deflection: To avoid heavy inbound calls, call deflection on digital channels like WhatsApp or chatbot can be very effective. IVR can be configured to request callers to opt for digital self-service and reduce the waiting time in call queues.

8. Monitor Performance: Continuous monitoring of performance is essential during the holiday season. Reporting and analytics capabilities can help you track key performance metrics in real time, allowing for quick adjustments and improvements. 

9. Customer Feedback: Collecting customer feedback and conducting post-interaction surveys can provide valuable insights into how to enhance the holiday customer experience.


Contact Center Software's Role in Increasing Efficiency for Seasonal Spikes:

Omnichannel Contact center software, such as C-Zentrix, is vital in increasing efficiency during seasonal spikes. It offers:

Channel Integration: Streamline and unify communication across various channels, making it easier for agents to manage multiple interactions seamlessly.

Automation: Reduce manual tasks with automation features like chatbots and IVR, improving response times and accuracy.

Scalability: Easily adjust staffing levels to match fluctuating demands, ensuring you always have the right number of agents available.

Analytics: Gain insights into customer behavior and agent performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations.


Preparing your contact center for the holiday rush requires a combination of effective forecasting, training, testing, and automation. 

All-in-one omnichannel platforms can empower your contact center to efficiently handle seasonal spikes, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory customer experience even during the busiest times of the year. With the right strategy and technology in place, your contact center can not only survive but thrive during the holiday season.

C-Zentrix, with its all-in-one platform, can be your holiday maestro, orchestrating your contact center's performance flawlessly. It seamlessly integrates channels, automates routine tasks, and offers scalability, all in tune with the holiday spirit. With C-Zentrix in your corner, your contact center will be the star of the holiday show, delivering top-notch service. 

With the right strategy and technology in place, your contact center can not only survive but thrive during the holiday season.


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