Automatic Call Distributor (ACD):

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Automatic Call Distributor is a telephony solution that manages high volume incoming calls, by routing them to relevant agents. It is an efficient process that is not at all randomized. There is a definite protocol, adhering to which the system decides to route the call to the most suitable agent.

An Automatic Call Distributor is important in any modern contact center as it will reduce agent load, improve work efficiency and increase your first call resolution rate. Whenever a customer calls the support line, the IVR will collect the intent of the call and route the customer to the right department.

Features of an ACD

Any popular or successful business will have constant incoming queries. Answering them all can drain away from your resources if there is no strategy in place. Well, the strategy is to utilize technology like Automatic Call Distributors to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

1 Skill-Based Routing:

This ACD feature ensures the customer reaches the right agent who can relieve them of their problems. The agent’s phones or devices are marked with a particular category for skills or departments. Whenever the customer specifies their requirement, the ACD will identify the agent who has that skill and transfer the call to their phone or device. It is the same technology used when calls are routed based on language preference.

2 Call Back:

Sometimes your agents might be busy all at once and that is absolutely normal in a call center. However, customers usually second-guess your service quality, when they get no response from you. So, it is best to deploy a call-back feature. When agents are busy, offer your customers a callback option and a notification is sent to the relevant agent’s dashboard. Once the agent is done with the task at hand, he or she can call back the customer.

3 Wait Time Information: 

Customers might get impatient in a call queue. While staying on hold, inform your customers about their position in the queue. Based on that, offer them a call-back option or deflect them to other digital channels. Customers can take an informed decision once they are aware of their position in the queue.