Call Center Software:

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A call center software is a technological solution that allows a business to communicate seamlessly with its customers. The software is attributed with various features that will automate some processes, making it easier for your customers and agents alike.

Contact Center Solutions assists in offering a premium customer experience. Without a solution, no matter the size of your business, you will struggle to offer good customer service. There is an acute necessity to manage customer data, keep track of customer journey, and be mindful of the tickets. Hence, call center software is a must.

Difference between Call Center and Contact Center?

A call center is primarily concerned with inbound and outbound calling processes. Whereas a contact center is concerned with inbound and outbound processes across channels. Omnichannel Contact Center in nature as opposed to call center which is focused on voice channels alone. Despite the distinction, the terms are often used interchangeably.

Features of a Call Center Software:

There are some applications that are commonly available or expected at every call center:

1 ACD: Automatic call distribution is a telephony solution that improves the call routing algorithm of your call center. Based on the call intent, the program will route the call to the most capable agent, improving your average handling time and first call resolution.

2 IVRs: Interactive Voice Response systems are a common feature of the call center which acts as virtual receptionists. It will greet your customer, learn the purpose of the call and then connect them to an agent or lead them to their required solution.

3 Workforce Management Tools: This is a supervision function that allows you to calculate your call center shrinkage, by tracking agent availability, agent hours, agent talk time, and other insights.

4 Call Barging: It is an important feature that allows supervisors to barge in a call and listen to the customer conversation. It helps in agent assistance who is struggling on a call or for training purposes.

5 Analytics: A call center can run better with analytics and reports. Campaign-based reporting, agent-wise reports, and more insights are usually generated by the different functions of a call center software, to ensure operational efficiency.