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Voicebots are an AI-driven solution that enables a caller to self-serve themselves while using the IVR line. The caller doesn’t have to press buttons to reach an option, instead, they use voice. It is almost like talking to the IVR voice, completely hands-free. This eradicates the need to hear lengthy menus and unwanted options that waste the customer’s time. It is almost equivalent to speaking to a receptionist or an agent. 

How Does It Work?

Voice bots use Natural Language Processing engines to comprehend the user’s human language. Once the caller speaks, the system triggers the Voice Activity Detection and starts transforming the speech into text. The text is then interpreted by the NLP engine, decoding the intent and the request of the caller. Finally, the response is transformed from text to speech, which are the words the caller will hear. 

Benefits of Voicebot

Voice bots uplift the entire IVR experience, making it modern, convenient, and less time-consuming. It is a wonderful self-service tool that allows the customer to avail service at any time of the day without waiting for any human interference. Voicebot being self-sufficient can serve 24x7, saving the company money and time. 

In the long run, voice bots are a productive addition to your sales or customer service team. It complements your human employee through information collected from each interaction. It also allows your agents to focus on priority tasks while the voice bot handles less-complex tickets.