Freshworks CRM X C-Zentrix Computer Telephony Integration

Important Benefits Of Integrating Freshworks CRM With CZ Bar


15 January 2024

In simple terms, a computer telephony integration or CTI is a technology that enables a computer to interact with telephony systems. They allow users to perform all telephony related tasks from their desktop. CZ Bar the CTI offering from C-Zentrix is a similar computer telephony integration software being used by enterprises across the globe. The CZ Bar not just enables outbound and inbound calling through a computer desktop but also adds to several call tracking features like voice logger for recording calls, screen logger for recording the screen of agents (specially used for sensitive processes by banks and non-banking financial companies). The CZ Bar also comes with call control features like call transfer, so a contact center agent can transfer a call to different department through their desktop, call conferencing, so an agent can get another agent or their supervisor to join the call and address the issue. The CZ Bar also comes with a whisper feature, this allows the supervisor to join a call and assist the agent without the caller at the other end knowing about it.

Globally (from customer research), a computer telephony integration (CTI) reduces the calling time of agent by upto 12 seconds. You must be wondering how? That’s because a CTI does not only integrate computer with telephony but it also integrates other workforce optimisation and customer relationship management tools with telephony. It sits in the form of a widget or icon on a CRM or other tools and makes dialling out from one of these software screens a possibility; saving an agent the effort and additional seconds spent on shifting screens and signing in to a different software. For instance a CTI integrated with CRM gives all the information of an inbound call to the contact center agent when the call connects. Similarly a computer telephony integration enables an agent to check the ticket status of a customer and dial out instantly from within the ticketing software. 74% of users said their CRM system gave them improved access to customer data.

The CTI software from C-Zentrix integrates with top performing CRMs, Ticketing solution in the industry. One of its strongest integration is with Freshworks CRM and Freshsales. For those who don’t know Freshworks CRM is the ticketing solution from Freshworks while Freshsales is their lead/sales CRM. CZ Bar integrates with both to provide the users of Freshworks CRM and Freshsales the utility to call from within the software.


1. Benefits Of The CZ Bar integration with Freshworks CRM

2. With Freshsales, CZ Bar gains the following functionalities

3. CTI also provides  the following add-ons


Benefits Of The CZ Bar integration with Freshworks CRM:

1. Unifies Freshworks CRM’s support related communications from multiple channels on a single platform and makes it telephone ready.

2. CZ Bar helps Freshworks CRM users setup a fully functional contact center setup and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.

3. It helps Helpdesk users analyse how various agent and groups are performing based on various telephony metrics while enabling them to record each call for review and training purposes.

4. CZ Bar lets contact center agents and users login to Freshworks CRM and access the telephony solution by setting up a single sign on (SSO) script to authenticate their credentials.


With Freshsales, CZ Bar gains the following functionalities:

1. CZ Bar gives Freshsales users a built-in telephony functionality so users can have relevant conversation with leads at the right time.

2. Freshsales users can easily manage and update their lead status after each call without shifting screens, helping them to manage sales pipelines better.

3.The call recording functionality of CZ Bar makes Freshsales users context-ready as they can go back to listen previous calls, the recordings can also be shared with the team to keep them abreast with the lead development.


CTI also provides  the following add-ons:

1. Dialer and ACD: The call functionality added through a computer telephony integration also brings a dialer and ACD for multiple dial modes like predictive, progressive and preview. The advanced call distributor integrated with CZ Bar is built to automatically dial back the abandoned calls. This means that businesses do not just get a telephony feature with CZ Bar they get advanced call functionalities.

2. Interactive voice response (IVR): An IVR helps filter calls before they even connect to a contact center agent. The filtering criteria can be many agent language, type of issue, geographic location of the call, etc. This provides for skill based routing of calls, and boosts first call resolution, a crucial metric of customer satisfaction. A business may also choose to integrate Visual IVR or Speech based IVR to boost customer experience.

3. Request Callback: A call-back functionality allows customers to schedule call-backs and be contacted at their leisure, rather than wait on hold. The call-back can be placed on a business’s website so users can share their details to schedule a call, these details get synced with a company’s CRM. This feature increases customer satisfaction by saving the customer time and frustration.

4. Click-to-call: Adding a click-to-call button lets customers with their own interface over a website to call without having to dial your number. By saving your customers effort, you can increase their overall user experience.


These features greatly improve the experience of using a CRM with CTI integrated. With CZ Bar you get easy deployability, whether you want the telephony to be on cloud or on premise.

Click here to access CZ Bar page in Freshworks CRM marketplace


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