Customer Support with C-Zentrix and Freshdesk Integration

Mastering Customer Support: 10 Proven Strategies using C-Zentrix and Freshdesk Integration


10 April 2024

A component of contact center software called computer telephony integration (CTI) enables the support agent to manage calls and CRM from a single window. C-Zentrix’s CTI is called as CZ Bar. While CZ Bar has standard functionality to make or receive calls, mute, hold and set dispositions but it also provides additional capabilities.

For example, agent can transfer the call to other agent or campaign, establish conference calls, set call back and run the campaign in preview or progressive mode

CTI systems are mostly utilized in business communications, where a significant volume of incoming and outgoing calls is routinely handled. This saves significant time switching between different software, searching the information and accessing past interactions.

C-Zentrix's CTI solution CZ Bar is compatible with the popular CRMs and ticketing systems. CZ Bar effortlessly interacts with any third-party CRM to give it a telephonic boost. Give your agents the flexibility to contact customers promptly and enter or refer relevant data from the CRM. One such integration is with Freshdesk CRM, which makes customer support much more convenient.

Here’s how Freshdesk CTI Integration Improves Customer Support

The cloud telephony interface, CZ Bar and Freshdesk gives Freshdesk users access to a wide range of capabilities. They will be able to boost agent efficiency and raise client satisfaction thanks to these features.

1. The customer experience is maximized

Due to the connection between caller information and customer history and the ability for the agent to deliver quicker, higher-quality service, the integration of CTI with CRM significantly enhances the customer experience. Because consumers will spend less time repeating information and more time having their complaints addressed, it also aids in reducing customer dissatisfaction.

2. A simple click-to-dial interface

By clicking on the phone number, agents can call clients directly from the Freshdesk interface. To dial the numbers for each conversation, agents don't need to copy and paste the numbers. As a result, it eliminates effort for agents, boosts output, and cuts down on average handle times. Your personnel can make calls from the Freshdesk window on their computer with ease and convenience.

3. Create Tickets Automatically

CZ Bar assists Freshdesk users with call center setup, call recording, and call tracking by transforming calls into tickets. Automatically ticket can be created for an incoming call with the CZ Bar integration. Additionally, for any particular contact, there is the option to merge the call with already-opened tickets. To ensure comprehensive context for subsequent actions, all call-related information, including the link of the call recording, is immediately tagged with the pertinent ticket. A customer's single ticket can have many calls added to it by an agent. Each call is separately identified by call log and tags.

4. Screen Pop

When a call comes in, the caller's information pops up on the screen, saving the agent the time of looking up client information. With access to all of the customer's account information, agents can address each customer by name. Our contact center solution determines whether the caller already has a record or open ticket for every call that comes in. The customer's name appears along with all of these facts when the agent answers the call. Caller information is readily available to agents, which significantly raises client satisfaction. It is a huge comfort for callers when they do not need to repeat ticket information. Additionally, agents resolve calls more quickly, which reduces Average Handle Times.

5. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Callers first reach to an IVR before they connect to an agent. The call can then be routed based on different factors, such as the caller's location, issue category, and agent language. This enables skill-based call routing and improves first call resolution, an essential indicator of customer satisfaction. CRM data is used by intelligent IVR to enhance the customer experience. Instead of entering IVR options, customers can speak to the IVR using conversational IVR. The self-service feature in IVR, particularly for simple jobs like checking the status of a ticket, cancellations, or resolving frequently asked questions can save customer and agents time.

6. Request Callback and Call deflection

Rather than making clients wait on hold, the call-back feature enables customers to arrange callbacks and be contacted at their convenience. The customer can choose the IVR option for callback and as soon as the agent is free the call gets connected to the callback number. Alternatively call deflection option can be provided to transfer the call to WhatsApp or Telegram chat.

7. The automatic dialing function helps you save time

One of the main benefits of CTI is the time it saves when communicating with customers. You may say goodbye to the tiresome practice of dialing a number, with the integration. A dialer and ACD for several dial modes, including predictive, progressive, and preview, are also included in the call capabilities introduced by computer telephony integration. The CZ Bar's integrated sophisticated call distributor is designed to automatically return abandoned calls. This implies that with CZ Bar, businesses have sophisticated call functionalities in addition to telephony features.

8. Improves agent efficiency

Agents may spend their time more wisely by having caller information flash up rather than wasting time searching through the CRM database. As a result, efficiency increases and agent performance rises. With greater knowledge at their disposal, agents can decide more effectively how to address client concerns or give pertinent information regarding goods and/or services.

9. Better Monitoring

C-Zentrix offers more thorough reporting of agent performance and other KPIs by giving call metrics data such as call duration and average handling time for tickets in Freshdesk. With a comprehensive view of call source, live calls, call duration, etc., CZ enables supervisors to manage agent workforce in real-time and analyze reports to make quick decisions that are well-informed. Using C-Zentrix admin dashboard, one can determine whether more agents are required, usual call abandon or IVR drops, load during peak times, and even assist employees who are having trouble with a consumer in real-time.

10. Revenue Growth

By integrating CZ Bar CTI with Freshdesk CRM, you'll save on your revenue because you won't need to do any capex investment. Since CZ Bar uses WebRTC, the calls can be managed on low cost tablet with a headphone. You can cut costs in several different ways by using CTI since it is both considerably more affordable and flexible to scale than a traditional system. Not to mention, your agents offer superior customer service, which raises client satisfaction and, as a result, retention.


Your customer experience could go from a complete disaster to the best if you have the best solutions implemented. There can be no question about the perks that Freshdesk CTI integration has brought to the contact center industry. To know more about the integration, you can refer to Freshworks Marketplace



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