Auto Dialer:

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Autodialers are a telephony feature that automatically dials out numbers based on a predetermined pace. A pace in a call center is the ratio of calls made per agent. Predefining this ratio allows the autodialer to call numbers at a pace where agents can speak to the client if the call connects.

There are different kinds of autodialers based on their algorithmic functions and other features.

1. Predictive Dialers: It is a type of dialer that analyses your agent’s presence and average handling time. Upon analyzing that information, it decides at what pace it must run the calls to accurately connect an agent, without compromising the customer’s experience.

2. Progressive Dialer: This dialer just calls one number at a time for each agent. The pacing ratio is 1:1 and doesn’t adjust itself based on call abandonment or unanswered calls.

3. Preview Dialer:  This is a click-to-call feature where the contact’s information pops up on the agent’s screen. The agent has the liberty to review the data and proceed with the call as per convenience. This feature is more relevant to low call volume contact centers.

Benefits of Autodialers

Autodialers are a compulsory unit in every established contact center. Here are some primary benefits of autodialers:

1. Decreased Downtime:

When your agents are manually dialing, you are saving hours every week, per agent. This time can be utilized in other tasks like researching the client, learning about the product, or even practicing the sales pitch.

2. Autodetection of Inactive Leads:

The autodialer will recognize phone numbers that are busy, wrong, or non-existent. It can also identify answering machines or voicemails and not bother the agent with these. It will automatically remove the numbers from your CRM or label them as unresponsive and ensure not to dial them again until further instruction.

3. Increased Profitability:

Logically, the autodialer will increase your chances of having a conversation with a customer. As the autodialer will only dial and redial the numbers that are potentially responsive, it will generate more connects. Thanks to these more connections, agents, will communicate with more customers in less time.