Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS):

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UCaaS (Unified Communications As A Service) is a cloud-based communications module. It integrates with multiple types of communication such as telephony calls, web or video conferencing, messaging, emails, and more. UCaaS facilitates your agents to work in sync with multiple cloud-based tools from anywhere in the world. As it is cloud-based, it can function across any smart device as long as it is connected.

Functions of UCaaS

The UCaaS functions are focused around all the communication portals that we know. They are:

  • Telephony: From call recording to call routing UCaaS helps in it.
  • Meeting: UCaaS helps in all kinds of conferencing such as audio, web or video.
  • Collaboration: UCaaS offers tools for multiple operational needs such as scheduling, forecasting and product management.
  • Messaging: Teams can communicate in real-time.

Benefits of UCaaS

The primary benefits of using unified communications as a service are:

  1. Cost Efficiency: As a Cloud-Based Solution, it can save your company on essential resources such as money, support, and renting space. Many functionalities become a part of your module and you no longer pay for it such as on-premise telephones, helpdesk ticketing, or third-party softphones.
  2. Scalability: UCaaS demands very minimal resources to run. This means on limited resources, you can grow and scale. In a pay-as-you-grow model, your company saves up on a lot of revenue leakage and focuses solely on growth.
  3. Remote friendly: Any cloud-based solution is remote-friendly and so is this. In the face of a pandemic or any future uncertainties, you can ensure complete business continuity through this.