Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

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Computer Telephony Integration, also known as CTI, is the system that enables an employee to connect their computer with the company’s phone system. Their computer becomes a part of the centralised network of the company, which helps them in their call-related tasks. In other words, agents can make calls just by clicking on their computers.

Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration is an essential component of the contact center. It enables your team to work efficiently through different quirky integrations that make your life easy. Here are some important benefits of CTI in a contact center.

  • Call Routing: It allows the calls to be directed based on data and not some random rule. Based on the data set, the ACD can route the call. This process is enabled by computer telephony integration. Without CTI, the phone cannot come in contact with data that directs the receiver of the call.
  • IVR: Similarly, IVRs also because they are enabled by computer telephony integration. When callers access the IVR menu, it is possible thanks to CTI.
  • Call Monitoring: When calls are connected to the computer through CTI, it enables multiple functions such as live monitoring of calls, calls barging, and more.
  • Automatic Record Creation: CTI also allows calls to get recorded automatically and saved into your CRM system with relevant information.

Computer Telephony Integration is crucial to a contact centre environment. It helps in automating many manual tasks which would otherwise make the operation non-functional and inefficient. When the calls are integrated through the agent’s computer, they can browse through several features and personalise the contacts and what not for better performative experience. All these together help your team to offer a better customer service.