Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS):

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Contact Center as a Service aka CCaaS is a technological solution that elevates the efficiency of any contact center by streamlining the interactions between the customer and the brand. CCaaS main agenda is to deliver premium customer service by eradicating maximum pain points in their journey.

Contact center software is an umbrella of different features and services that can improve your workforce efficiency. From auto-dialing to omnichannel support, all the boxes are checked in this solution.

CCaaS can be hosted either on-premise or on the cloud. While certain businesses who choose on-premise have some amount of control over their solution, but it is more costly and tedious to maintain the entire system. The hardware maintenance costs and the time-consuming updates are usually primitive at times of cloud-based options. On a Cloud-Based Solution, the provider takes up the responsibility for maintenance and updates. It is more cost-efficient, modern, and scalable in today’s time.

Popular Contact Center Applications

1 Autodialer:

Autodialers are telephony solutions that can run through your address list and make all the outbound calls without the need for manual dialing. Once the prospect responds, the agent is connected to the call. This automatically weeds out bad leads, busy phone numbers, voicemails, or wrong numbers.

2 Automatic Call Distributors:

ACD is another telephony service that can automatically route incoming calls to available agents based on the customer’s aforementioned preference. If a customer wants to talk to the finance department in Hindi, it will connect the most suitable agent who meets the criteria.

3 Call Barging and Whispering:

Sometimes agents fail to resolve the customer’s issue. Instead of letting go of the customer, barge into the call or whisper into your agent. During whispering, you can assist the agent without the customer hearing you.

4 Omnichannel:

All growing businesses are going digital and expanding their presence. With multiple channels at bay, it is important to offer integrated support rather than a disjointed one. To do so, omnichannel recognizes the customer’s journey on different channels and saves information on their interactions. In the future, whenever the customer connects with the brand on any channel, the supporting agent will have all information on his dashboard.

All the above-mentioned features harmoniously work together to bring your contact center on track. Choosing a CCaaS Solution is better than integrating one tool at a time. This doesn’t disrupt you’re the ongoing operations of your call center. At C-Zentrix we offer different types of CCaaS packages to support businesses of all sizes.